If you want to make a statement in your business, go with this. The reason this is for power users is because we will make your website completely unique and different from all the rest. Your website will be professionally designed and be a true extension of your business.

Only with this service will you have a keyword research and analysis report where we’ll also optimize your pages for the search engines. We’ll setup and configure the necessary plugins and pages to help you rank higher and faster. This is where we also focus on converting your visitors into buyers.

If you want this as hands-off as possible and be able to just flip a switch and start selling. That’s quite literally how this package works.

Service Features:

  • Complete Web Design Service
  • Make Site Mobile Responsive
  • Make Site User-Friendly
  • Customized Logo, Favicon, Graphics & Sliders
  • Adding New Content/Pages
  • Free Additional Custom Coding (Up To 20 Free Hours, A $400 Value)
  • Have All Required Pages (I.E. Home, Products, Design Studio, Clip Art, Custom Designs, Store, FAQ, About Us, Contact Us, Blog) + 5 Additional Pages
  • Traffic Conversion Optimized
  • Free Integration With Merchant Services
  • Search Engine Optimized
    • Only primary pages; no products will be optimized with keywords.
  • Import All Data/Users For InkSoft Primary Store and 3 Micro-Stores
  • Integrate With InkSoft Design Studio
  • Embed Select Color/Customize Button
  • Setup Google Analytics/Webmaster
  • We’ll Transfer Your Demo Site To Live Domain
  • Migrate All Content To SSL After SSL Installed
  • Includes 10 Extra Days To PlugIntoIS
    • Our plugin is a $99/m subscription. You’ll have 45 days before the next billing cycle begins.

This is a $14,995+ value.

We’ll build you a brand new, WordPress website and we’ll integrate InkSoft with WooCommerce and import ALLLLL of your stores, products (with color, size, description, prices), clip art, custom designs, customers and so on.

A full custom website allows us to make sure every last detail of your website is covered and nothing is missed or left out. We even optimize your website for search engine rankings and visitor conversion. Your traffic “bounce rate” will drop and could potentially double your traffic without any marketing work.

By letting us handle it, you won’t have to touch a single line of code and we’d be done so fast, your only down time will be a DNS change to your own hosting account. Let us take care of the hard work in transferring and growing your business while you take care of your happy customers.


Please understand that our Full Custom service does not include as deep an integration as work done at sites like ImageMarket.com or ShirtMonster.com. Sites like these require an additional $3,000-$5,000 to reach that deep of an integration. It’s a lot more programming and image editing/creating involved. Such intricate work are not included in our full integration service. Our goal is to get you a completed and functioning website that is integrated with InkSoft. Anything beyond that will cost extra. Can we do it? Of course. Just let us know.

After your purchase, you will be forwarded to our InkSoft Integration submission form. Please complete it in its entirety at your earliest convenience. The sooner it is submitted, the sooner we can get started. We normally begin work the same day the form is submitted. We will have a demo site up for you within 3 business days (but sometimes even on the weekends).

You’ll even get access to the website to make additional changes before we finalize and transfer to live. We can complete the transfer in under 30 minutes depending on the size of your website and hosting capabilities. We rarely have trouble, but when we do, it’s mostly hosting configuration related. Our fastest transfer was under 10 minutes.


In addition to the packages we offer, you can also order search engine optimization for products, ecommerce integration (like Authorize.net), custom branded embed video featuring the design studio in use and/or integrating your site with a shipping company such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. for real-time shipping rates.

If you require hosting after your website is complete and ready to go, we offer hosting via our DEDICATED SERVERS for only $24.95/m. This is not your normal shared hosting with thousands of sites and slower than Granny Gee-gee walking up the stairs in high heels. This is Flash Gordon, kick-in-your-face fast loading servers.



We also offer services such as search engine marketing (including PPC and local listings), social media marketing (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), full-fledged web development, mobile app creation, reputation marketing/management and more.

These additional services can be requested and ordered at any time during or after the completion of your InkSoft website integration.

Businesses that use InkSoft’s designing technology is already ahead of their competition, but imagine how behind you’ll be from those who have their InkSoft stores integrated with WordPress.

Please be aware that these are ONE-TIME customization services. You will still be responsible for the plugin, which is a monthly subscription of $99 for continued updates and support. If you don’t want to stay on the subscription, you can cancel it at any time and continue using your new website with the installed plugin. By integrating InkSoft with WordPress, you must have hosting separate from InkSoft. It can be through our dedicated servers or another service provider you are comfortable with.