No Longer Offering InkSoft API Integration Service

Dear Visitors and Customers,

We regret to have to inform you, but we will no longer be offering our integration services with InkSoft and its API. After more than 2 years of working with the platform, we have come to the conclusion that the API will never be fully opened up as it should and it will never be fully operational. We have been blamed for the missing elements in our integration service, but it’s simply not true. The API itself is not complete and is missing the data to even import and integrate with all necessary data.

To this date, we have not yet found a SINGLE InkSoft user to be able to fully utilize the API completely. Even’s member data is not API based. It is a direct InkSoft member’s login page masked with an InkSoft IP address with their own sub-domain. In fact, even if wanted to change their design, they cannot because the theme used to design the header/footer of that area is no longer accessible by any user. All of the InkSoft internal themes, except for one, have been removed. Even that last theme, “Starter,” will eventually be terminated, which means whatever changes you make there, you will never be able to go back and edit it in the future when it’s removed. That also means NO ONE will ever be able to do what did 3 years ago. 

The InkSoft API 2.0 had an early release earlier in the year, but was officially in beta as of August 4, 2017. As of December 15, 2017, The API 2.0 is still defective and unstable enough to be operational. With its introduction, it also means the API 1.0 will eventually go away. That means all API 1.0 integrated sites will have to upgrade to the 2.0. With all things considered, we can no longer support the InkSoft API and its defective and incomplete components.

Additionally, we have discovered many other websites utilizing the InkSoft API, but are also facing similar issues as we do. Our plugin may save you $15,000 in development costs, but even that is not enough when you consider the fact that we could never fully complete it with missing data. If InkSoft can one day rectify their issues and provide a complete API, we may re-consider and continue offering support for the InkSoft integration service again. Until then, our decision is made.

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