More InkSoft Integrated Websites Going Live

More InkSoft Integrated Websites Going Live

Exciting times now. It’s been a long hiatus but clients are finally getting back to us and we’re able to finish up a handful of projects. Some already went live recently awaiting small tweaks and some more are waiting for the final go-ahead.

We have received projects from clients with various requests. Some were more complicated, some were easy. It’s just a matter of what the client wants to accomplish. At times, it can get very frustrating on both ends. These things happen. The most important thing we have to keep focusing on is making sure the client is happy.

Unfortunately, 3 projects were marked as cancelled/abandoned due to non-response for over a month. Some were over 3 months. We want to help our clients grow their business, but it is very difficult to do our job when we can’t get a response out of them.

If you’re considering our InkSoft integration services, please respond to us in a timely manner so we can take care of things.

We have our own project management system where you can communicate with the developers, designers, managers and support staff. We also have a help desk readily available.

We have one-client who emails us every single day with a dozen messages, but we respond to each and every single one of them. We continue to work on his project tirelessly, even after hours. We’ve now reached a point where the project is just a few steps away from completing, so the messages have died down to just a couple of messages a day. It’s a relief on both sides.

We know our client doesn’t want to have to send us dozens of messages. That’s frustrating for him. However, we don’t mind all the messages – just wished the messages were more organized. Still, we’d much rather you are talking to us a lot than not talking at all. Only when we are made aware of problems can we fix them.

We once had a client not respond for 3 weeks and then out of the blue he sent us a 10-page report of what to do and what to fix. We completed the task within 6 hours.

We work fast, but sometimes the problem is in the theme/design a client selects. We sometimes have to make that work and it may be quick, but it may take a while. Either way, we’ll figure it out and take care of it for you.

Just let us know. That’s all we ask. We look forward to working with you.

All of your InkSoft Integration questions can be answered in the FAQ. And when you are ready, you can order here.

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