InkSoft Integration Case Studies

InkSoft Integration Case Studies

We currently have 5 InkSoft integration case studies under development now. 4 are Full Custom websites and 1 is a Basic Integration where we only do the basic amount of work required by the client. The client is then responsible for designing the website and managing their own content.

For clients that chose our Full Custom website services , they will receive a complete website redesign overhaul from top to bottom. Some may even receive new logos if they so wish. They will have their own custom-designed slider graphics and during our Beta phase, they will receive a customized embed video worth $300 for free.

This special embed video features the InkSoft’s Design Studio in action, but with their branding in plain sight. This gives an immediate branding and user interaction that triggers them to use the design studio. It’s just undeniably attractive. To see what we’re talking about, check out

We should be done with all our InkSoft integration case studies this coming week and feature them on our website. So hang tight as we continue working through the weekend. And those who don’t want to wait before InkSoft pushes our services to the entire community, it’s best you order the InkSoft integration service NOW. It will get crazy!


  • We’ve completed the initial process for the InkSoft Integration and awaiting client feedback. Once those are in, we will finalize the websites and add it to our portfolio upon completion. In the mean time, we have accepted out first few official clients before increasing the prices again for launch. If anyone else is interested in our InkSoft integration service, please order now . Our FAQ answers a lot of questions, but if it’s not enough, feel free to contact us.

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  • I am very interested in your plugin. I am tried other avenues with no success. I believe the investment alone will have a good ROI.Please contact ASAP.

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