InkSoft API and WordPress Integration

InkSoft API and WordPress Integration

We have found that many people over the last couple of years have been submitting projects online about how to do an InkSoft WordPress Integration, but have all come up short. Many have already spent the time, money and effort, but the websites are either incomplete, still messed up or complete failures. For those experiencing or experienced this, we’re sorry.

We’re here to tell you that our Plug Into IS, literally the ONLY InkSoft WordPress plugin, is capable of helping you import all of your InkSoft store data into WordPress and integrate it with WooCommerce. That’s exactly what many people were looking for and it’s already here.

Timing Is Everything

Only until very recently was InkSoft’s API even functioning properly. We were the only company to dig as far as we have and discovered some flaws in their API system. We worked with the InkSoft development team to fix these issues and are now moving on with more updated and new functions within our plugin.

Many others tried to do the API integration, but they were just too early to the game. We got started at the right time, pointed out the things that needed to fixed and spoke to the right people. We now have a real solution – a plugin that does exactly what people have been wanting and even more than what they dreamed of.

We say that, because most store owners expect to just import the data and it’s done. It’s not that simple. It’s a lot of integration work still involved even after the data is imported. Our plugin will actually take care of the majority of the work for you, which decreases the time and effort it takes to complete the InkSoft integration.

A Quick Side Note

Some thought that the “” website was built with WordPress. It’s not. It’s a fully customized .net website. From what we can tell, it’s all completely hard coded. We’re not sure there is a CMS (content management system) behind it for easy content updates or blog entries, but the owner does show interest in using our plugin.

We’re not saying Chris O’Dell will do it or switch over, but that he’s interested. We can tell he spent a LOT of money to get his website as in-depth and integrated as it is. Considering how much time and money he may have invested, we’re not sure switching over would be worth it to him unless he’s ready for a new facelift anyway and also the ability to update with new products/designs on a daily basis AUTOMATICALLY.

We think this feature alone may be worth the switch. Only time will tell if he will follow through and see how the Plug Into IS can help him. We await his response.

An InkSoft API Integration Solution

Back to our point. If you’re looking for an InkSoft WordPress Integration solution, only Plug Into IS can help you with that. Our plugin allows you to import all of your InkSoft webstores (besides Fundraiser websites – waiting on InkSoft API update) and all products, users, categories, users, clip art and custom designs from each webstore. Our plugin can also be scheduled to do the imports automatically from all of your stores twice a day.

All you need to use our plugin is a WordPress website, an InkSoft API access, your API access key and the store IDs you wish to import from. Importing after that is a matter of just a few clicks.

We are still working on new functions and features, but we’ll release it by the time we are out of beta. Beta is only for another 10 days or so and we’ll be selling the plugin at normal rate to all InkSoft store owners willing and ready to integrate with WordPress.

We’re Not An InkSoft Company

Let me remind you, we are not an InkSoft company or yet endorsed by InkSoft. We have however been authorized by the InkSoft executives and attorneys to proceed with our development and sales of our plugin.

If our plugin proves to be useful and helpful to the community and beta testers are happy with the result, then it may be a possibility InkSoft will endorse our program. That is yet to be determined. We will continue to work closely with them to provide a solution all InkSoft store owners can truly benefit from.

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