First InkSoft WordPress Integration Is Successful

First InkSoft WordPress Integration Is Successful

We’re excited to announce that the InkSoft WordPress Integration for one of our Beta sites was successfully built with our PlugIntoIS and went live just yesterday. You can see the brand new website here:

The Shirt Printer
It’s super sleek and incredibly fast loading now that it’s on our dedicated server. We even embedded a custom video near the center of the home page that features the use of their design studio. The new owners can see the difference and was super stoked at how nice their website has turned out.

With our latest plugin update, all clip art and custom designs imported are automatically displayed and have a filtering option based on the categories imported from automatically. Go ahead, check out the CLIP ART page. See how fast it loads when you change from category to category.

We’ve made other improvements in the plugin, such as reloading the Manual Import page after data has been successfully imported. No more manual clicks to decide if you want to reload the page or not. Some last features we have left to do in terms of critical functions is importing product colors/sizes and adding a [Select Color] button for blank canvas products. We should be done with that today.

Update (7/23/2015): The website is complete. Just needs SEO now!

We have other cool features to add later to make it even more convenient for anyone else ready for an InkSoft WordPress Integration and merge with WooCommerce. Don’t worry, you’ll still have access to your InkSoft control panel. We made a custom link for The Shirt Printer site so they can easily access it now. We’ll be sure to do the same for you.


  • I really see promise in this plug in, I know html and css but not to good with server side programming. I had been trying to use the inksoft api with wordpress and an XML import plug in but just couldn’t get it right. This plug in, so far does exactly what i need to implement the inksoft api. I hope inksoft partners up to advance this plugin I think it will address the one thing i hate about inksoft which is the lack of front end customization. We have been with inksoft for 3 or 4 years the service is great the business tools etc but the design options are lacking. The old inksoft layouts i could customize using html overlays but its terrible for having proper code. Needing responsive mobile/tablet friendly site is a must. All in all I knew this plug in would come along eventually, it feels young and needs some development and I’m not to sure about having to pay a subscription instead of a one time fee, but i do understand web developers charge thousands to implement an api like inksofts. Ill have to see if its worth it as the plug in develops, but so far so good.

    Reu Gal Reply
    • Hi Reu, thank you for your honest feedback. I appreciate you taking part in the beta tester group and providing us with positive comments we can work with. Yes, the plugin does eliminate many of the hard work to help you with an integration from InkSoft to WordPress. We’re putting a lot of time and effort into minimizing the amount of theme development necessary by adding more automated processes. That includes creating filters by category for imported clip art and custom designs. When we first started, you had to generate a short code to display them (you still can of course). Now you don’t have to, it’s automatic.

      When you import your products, they are also automatically listed in the shop. You don’t have to generate a short code or work hard on making the products display. When you import the other micro webstores, the pages are created and products are also displayed automatically. So yeah, we’re working on a lot of automated processes to improve your experience with our plugin. In the next update, all product sizes and colors will be included in the imports as well. It will make your life so much easier.

      Pretty soon, the clip art and custom designs will also have their own layout and CSS (which you’ll be able to control the color variations of) to increase their visibility. They’ll even have additional filter options to display a certain amount of items at a time from a particular category. The categories will also be in alphabetical order for easy navigation (we already updated it in our development site).

      By the time we’re done, it’s just a matter of making the theme of your choice have the ability to “Customize” and “Select Color” for a particular product and integrate it with your Design Studio. We’d have a lot of that worked out so even that part of the integration will be a breeze. All-in-all, we’ll have just about everything covered when it comes to integrating from InkSoft to WordPress. Keep in mind our plugin can be set up to do daily imports automatically.

      To address your point on the subscription, if you do a search for project requests over the past 2 years regarding an InkSoft WordPress Integration ZERO have been successful. The clients have paid anywhere between $500-$3,000 and still never successfully integrated the 2 together. I’m sure some have paid even more and not accomplish what our recently launched site has.

      How much do you think these businesses have lost all this time? A lot more than they wasted on development, that’s for sure. Poorly designed and developed websites lose a lot of potential business every day. Some even lost their business altogether. It’s sad.

      Our plugin serves a big purpose, which is to help make the transition from InkSoft to WordPress easier. Set aside your own ability to code with HTML/CSS (many others have no remote idea what any of that is), don’t you think it’s worth it to pay a small fee to transfer your site over from InkSoft’s platform to a WordPress platform where you have control over your design, your SEO, your plugins, your content and business personality? The subscription payment covers our continued updates, improvements and support. It’s what keeps the development going.

      We have plans for other integrations directly into this plugin actually. I just don’t want to give it all away, but it involves something you and many others already have your hands in. We’re just going to help keep it cleaner ;).

      We feel a small monthly subscription is more manageable than throwing down $3,000+ on a website service you’re not even sure will work. With our plugin, at least you can stop at any point. If you feel you just want to do the import one time and not worry about it again, you can even cancel. However, please keep in mind that our plugin also continues to import your “Users”, which is actually your customers who requests a quote or purchase from you via InkSoft. You’ll want the plugin to continue working for you. I hope that’s a fair response to your question.

      admin Reply
  • My company, Stitch & Screen has been with Inksoft from very near the beginning. I just started working for them, and the first thing i noticed was the lack of front end customization. It was a very poor first impression, to be quite honest. The owner agrees that this problem has been around forever, and it’s really their weakest point. After using the tool a while i have grown to like it in a lot of ways, but still…. The front end customization is just lacking tremendously! I’m super excited about this pluggin. I’m on my way to being Inksoft + wordpress ready! Thanks so much we really appreciate your hard work and initiative guys!

    Chris Hogg Reply
    • Thank you for your feedback and participation in the Beta Tester group, Chris. I look forward to helping you get your site setup, completed and transferred to live. I know it will look awesome. Also, what’s great is you’ll be saving thousands of dollars compared to other programs out there that integrate with InkSoft. WooCommerce and WordPress opens so many doors of opportunity for your business now. Can’t wait to see you increase your sales and profits!

      admin Reply
  • This Plugin looks very promising so far, having more control over the website layout has always been lacking with Inksoft. I’ve played around with this plugin a bit on the demo site they set up for me and really like what I’m seeing so far, definitely looking forward to see where this goes!

    Charlie Reply
    • Hey, Charlie. Thank you for your feedback. Do let us know if there’s anything else you think the plugin can handle and we’ll do our best to accommodate. I’m writing up a new blog entry soon to explain the full impact of having InkSoft integrated with WooCommerce so people are aware of the benefits. Eventually, we’ll write something on SEO and other things you have control of as well.

      admin Reply
  • Reply to Inksoft guys comment. He says monthly fee is better than plunking down $3,000 to buy yet wants $2,000 + a big monthly fee. Ouch

    Stu Stuart Reply
    • Hi Stu,

      Who is wanting to charge $2,000 + big monthly fee? We’re certainly not doing that. Please keep in mind we are not InkSoft. We are not officially affiliated or partnered with InkSoft and cannot speak in their behalf. I might agree that the costs are high, but at the same time, the most important thing here is whether that cost is worth the results or not.

      The goal of our plugin is to DIMINISH the amount of custom development work required when integrating your InkSoft store with WordPress. Our plugin will handle about 95% of the work load and continue to run automatic imports once setup. We don’t charge for the API and I wish InkSoft did not require that you must be a Professional Plus to even qualify to buy it.

      I’m speaking out of place, but I do wish all InkSoft members qualified and Professional Plus got it for free. That makes more sense and would get more store owners active, but I know InkSoft has to make money too for developing all this. So I don’t blame them at all. They’ve worked hard to make such a tool available for everyone.

      The only custom development work left to do would be to integrate the design studio, create a “Customize” button for products and “Select Color” for products. That should literally be the only 3 things left to do, which means when we charge for the customization work ourselves, we don’t have to charge as much for the custom development work anymore.

      Our plugin is only $99/m and for what it accomplishes, it will save you plenty of time, money and frustration. And for all those who registered as beta testers, you get it for only $49/m.

      admin Reply
      • So we are 100% transparent, we’ve posted a link to our full import and custom development services with description and prices.

        admin Reply
      • Maybe I reading it wrong. Inksoft pricing page says
        “*The InkSoft API is only available for InkSoft Professional Plus license holders”
        Inksoft professtional Plus is “$2999 set up + $299 per month”

        Stu Stuart Reply
        • Yeah, unfortunately, that has nothing to do with us as a plugin. We’re simply providing a plugin for existing or future InkSoft users who DO have access to the API. That’s not us charging for the setup or API access. That’s just a requirement to use our plugin. Nothing we can do about it. Again, WE are not InkSoft. As I’ve also mentioned, I wish the API was free to the Professional Plus users and made it available for others to purchase the API access. I think that makes more business sense and get them more users, but I’m not in charge of all that.

          admin Reply
    • Speaking of website customization, I notice a LOT of errors on your website. Here’s a link to your custom team swim caps:

      A lot of the links don’t even work due to javascript coding issues. The sub-menu links under HOW DO I are not linked to the proper place. You may want to have all this checked out and resolved asap.

      admin Reply
      • Thanks and there are lots more. Trying to and at same time trying to build out new site.

        Stu Stuart Reply
        • Let us know if you need help. We have a team dedicated to website design and development even if it’s not related to integrating with InkSoft. So no worries there. Many of the issues I see can be resolved rather quickly and cost you less than $50. Just putting that out there.

          admin Reply

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