Support Questions

Is this an InkSoft company?

No. This is NOT an InkSoft affiliated company. Although we work very closely with management and the developers there, we are privately run and separate from InkSoft . We have been given permission by management and their attorneys to proceed with our development and sales, but we have not yet finalized an agreement to partner at this time.

Do we contact you or InkSoft for support?

If your issues are regarding the integration process or the PLUGIN itself, then your questions will go to us. If your questions have to do with your InkSoft account and the features set there, then you will be contacting InkSoft.

If it has to do with us, we will resolve your issues as quickly as possible. If it is out of our hands and related to your InkSoft account, we will provide you with the information you need, so that you may contact InkSoft directly.

If you’re unsure of who to ask, you’re welcome to just ask us anyway. If we can handle it, we will. If it’s on InkSoft side and it’s completely out of our control, we will let you know.

What are your hours?

We currently do not offer phone support, but via email support (through our online support ticket site) and our project management system. We are available from 8 AM – 4 PM CST.

What happens after I pay?

After making your purchase of one of our design services with InkSoft integration, you’ll see an integration submission form, where you’ll fill in your information and submit it to us.

We’ll then create an account for you in our project management system, where you’ll be able to communicate and work with our QA, project managers, customer support, technical support, developers, designers and other managers.

Every project has 7-10 people involved to ensure your project is moving along smoothly and quickly. Projects are normally started by the next business day and completion for theme integration is usually in 5 business days and full integration in about 15 business days.

Please be aware if there are delays in your responses or if you are unable to provide data we require in a timely manner, it will result in a prolonged project

Integrated Questions

What do I need to get started?

To get started with us, you need:

1. An InkSoft Account
2. An InkSoft API access, as indicated by image on right
3. A domain name
4. Order one of our InkSoft Integration packages.

If you’ve been told you have been “grandfathered” with InkSoft, it is likely you have access to the API already. It is best to confirm by checking your InkSoft account though.

What are the benefits of integrating my InkSoft account?

Thanks to our vast knowledge of the InkSoft API and web programming technologies, we managed to create a program that helps complete a website in a matter of minutes and hours instead of months. It would normally cost you $8,000-$15,000 to develop a professional customized and integrated InkSoft website managed with a CMS (Content Management System).

If you were to go the manual development route, like a few other giants, it will cost you even more in the long run. The early adopters of the InkSoft integration are now paying for it, because they missed out on a lot of features and changes made by InkSoft and they have to pay for every new import of products, clip art, images, users and so on. Making changes to their site is more difficult and will cost more over time.

Our InkSoft integration service provides you with a plugin that will automatically do the importing twice a day for you. No fuss, no extra fees. And since our plugin is mobile responsive, it can adapt to just about any theme out there. You could easily change your designs and save tremendously on time and costs. On top of that though is that we’ll continue to add new features in our plugin. We can’t tell you what they are yet as they are highly secret, but it will definitely be of benefit to all custom design store owners.

Additional Benefits:

  • Laser Focused Branding
    Significantly Lower Bounce Rates
    Increased Customer Conversions
    Retain Visitors Longer
    Improved and Faster Loading
    Higher Quality Image Viewing
    Easier and Better Content Control
    Improved On-Page Optimization
    Automatic Product/Image Importing

Do you need more reasons?

What's the turn around time for an InkSoft integration?

A complete website re-design and integration service can be completed in about 15 business days. A theme integration can take up to 5 business days. This can take longer if your requests are out of the norm or you take longer to respond and provide us the details we need to complete the website. We will always try to do our best to complete the project as quickly as possible.

How long does importing take?

The first time all data is imported, it will take 3-4 days (24-30 hours) to complete, depending on how many images you made available in the clip art/template gallery and how many products you have made available to your design studio. If you have multiple stores, each store with approximately 100 products will take roughly 1-2 hours to import.

This time-frame also depends on server speed. (Your server may be slower than our demo server – most theme integration services are done from your own server and not ours). After all data have been imported, future imports will only be a few minutes and can be run automatically by the system. You can still import data manually, if you wish.

What payment gateways are available?

Since we are integrated with WooCommerce, you can utilize every payment gateway available by them including BACS, Cheque, Cash on Delivery, PayPal and Simplify Commerce. You can even add, Stripe and integrate with other shipping carriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.

Why did you choose WooCommerce?

WooCommerce has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars and is actively used by over 1 million users worldwide. We felt merging InkSoft with WooCommerce would give you the most out of your stores.

Will I need SSL for my new website?

SSL WILL BE REQUIRED to run your website, if you use a merchant company like or stripe. PayPal does not require it, although, all ecommerce site is recommended to have SSL. If you already have SSL for your website, you do not have to get another one. If the SSL is for “”, you’ll want to re-key your SSL CRT to your primary domain where your new website will be located.

Will I need hosting for my new website?

The main reason for the integration is so that you can be hosted on your own server. We offer a dedicated hosting account for only $24.99/m with free WordPress and plugin updates, but you’re welcome to host your site anywhere. You just will not be able to host it with InkSoft, because you will need access to a cpanel to control your web files and database. InkSoft does not offer such access. That is why you need hosting elsewhere.

Will the shipping rules I put into my InkSoft store transfer?

No. We are integrating your InkSoft data (images, products, descriptions, colors, prices, stores, users, etc) but the SETTINGS cannot be transferred. InkSoft’s shipping settings are different from how WooCommerce is setup, so you will have to re-do the shipping rules.

Can I request more custom coding?

With our full integration, our objective goes beyond having the necessary pages. We also have your website function with WooCommerce and integrated with InkSoft’s API based on their default function. However, any additional requests on specific functions/designs/layouts of these default pages will wait until our final coding is complete.

Any changes or requests beyond how the site is already designed to function as default is considered custom programming. Full integration services provide you with 20 hours of custom programming without additional charges. Beyond that, we begin billing at $25/hr.

We will help you outline what needs to be done and give an estimate of how much time is required for completion. We will work in increments of 6 hours and provide you with details on how much longer we may require before completing. You can then decide whether you want to continue the custom work.

Usage Questions

What can I import from InkSoft?

InkSoft users with API access can import products (including product size, color, description and price), product parent/sub-categories, users, clip arts and custom designs created from their main store and micro webstores with API.

NOTICE: You can now also import Fundraiser stores and products!

What happens with my customers?

Your customers can be imported into your WordPress site, but because the user’s password cannot be passed through the API, we have to reset the password. Upon import, your users/customers will be sent an email with their new login information. They will continue to login with the new information to place orders and retrieve their order history.

When new customers use your design studio or place an order, the registration information is saved in your WordPress site (via WooCommerce) and InkSoft. This is a redundancy system in place to allow you to run your business even when one or the other server is down. The new user/customer does not need to be re-imported again. So, make sure this option is turned off, once all users have been imported.

How many stores can I import?

There will not be any limit to how many stores, products or data you can import. Ever. In addition, when you import products from a store, a page based on that store’s name is created automatically and the products will be listed on that page automatically. Please remember to add that page to your menu.

Won't it show ALL products in the WooCommerce shop?

Yes, indeed it would, if someone were to use WooCommerce. That’s why our plugin now automatically hides any micro-store products from the main “Shop” or “Products” page, where only blank products available for custom design will be displayed. The “Stores” pages will be generated automatically for pre-decorated products that are imported from your micro-stores and fundraiser stores.

Do I have to import data every day?

You should definitely import data from your InkSoft account to your WordPress site everyday, if you’re creating new products everyday. This is essentially why we give you the ability to sync your data as much as twice a day, everyday. That means the plugin will do the imports automatically. You do not have to do it manually.

What if I delete a product from InkSoft?

If you remove a product from your InkSoft account, you’ll have to remove it from your WordPress site manually, as well. This also includes any changes you may do in your InkSoft account. Our plugin currently cannot delete/modify the products for you automatically, due to security protocols in WordPress database. We will look into possibly running it automatically in the future, by checking for differences in the API, but that is quite difficult based on current configurations.

Can I import from a File or URL?

Yes, you can. That’s part of our File Import/Export option. You can even backup your files from our plugin to your computer or a URL and import it into another site.

Will you have the quote calculator?

As soon as InkSoft updates their API for the quote calculator, we will implement it directly into the plugin. When it’s done, you’ll be able to display a short code like “[plugintois quote]” on any page you want to display the quote calculator tool.

If this new feature is released while you are on the subscription, you do not pay anything for the update. If you are not on the subscription, then you will have to pay for the activation fee to receive this update.

What else you got?

It’s hard to list everything in one go, but one of the cool features we have is making the clip art and custom design gallery page have automatic filters for category and number of items to display. Based on the number of items displayed, pages of the items are created automatically and each image can be enlarged for better viewing.

You now also have a shipping module that allows you to determine delivery dates for free shipping and rush delivery orders. These are pre-calculated, based on business days. You can enter however many days you want each option to take and the dates will be shown to your customers. Simply place the short code anywhere on your website. You can also change the text size, color and even box colors.

Quite soon, we’ll also be integrating our platform with Amazon, so that you may import your store products into Amazon and sell on Amazon. Won’t that be nice?

Payment Questions

How much does all this cost?

Our Full Custom Website is $8,995. You can order one of our InkSoft Integration Services here.

Many of our full integration services are completed in less than 180 man-hours. In a case of when it takes longer than 180 hours, it is most likely due to a lot of additional requests or too much re-work, due to uncertainty. When our hours exceed 180 hours (we do not include time required to fix errors) we will begin charging $25/hr.

Please remember, in order to use our integration services, you must already have an InkSoft account with API capability. Click here to learn how to determine if you have API access. And if you’re not already an InkSoft store owner, please click here to get an InkSoft account.

Do you offer a payment plan?

For all of our website work, we prefer payment is made in full, so there are no delays. (Late payments have delayed projects up to 2 months). However, to get started, a minimum payment of 50% is required. We will then set up a demo site on our server. Once the website design is approved and initial integration is complete, an additional 25% is required before we continue. Once the website is complete and you are satisfied, the remaining 25% will be paid prior to transferring to your live site. Please contact us about a payment plan.

What happens after I pay?

After making your purchase of one of our design services with InkSoft integration, you’ll see an integration submission form, where you’ll fill in your information and submit it to us.

We’ll then create an account for you in our project management system, where you’ll be able to communicate and work with our QA, project managers, customer support, technical support, developers, designers and other managers.

Every project has 7-10 people involved to ensure your project is moving along smoothly and quickly. Projects are normally started by the next business day and completion for theme integration is usually in 5 business days and full integration in about 15 business days.

Please be aware if there are delays in your responses or if you are unable to provide data we require in a timely manner, it will result in a prolonged project.

What if I want to change the design?

When we do a full custom integration, we always provide you with an initial design draft first. If you are happy with it, we will continue with the integration. However, if you are not happy with the draft, we will change it.

If the draft has been approved and the integration work is done, there will be a charge of $1,500 to change the design and layout completely. This is to cover the time and effort to re-do the design and modify the codes we had already written.

Why is there a subscription?

Once an integration service is complete and all files are transferred to your server, our work is done, we have no further obligations to your website. However, if you wish to have continued updates on the plugin and a 3-hour retainer each month dedicated to resolving any issues that may occur on your website, then a $99/m subscription is required.

After you get your new website and you’re fully integrated with InkSoft, you can actually CANCEL the subscription any time you want. You won’t be able to run the automatic updates anymore, but if you’re content with what you have, then you won’t have to pay the monthly fees to have our plugin anymore. You will miss out on other new features, once it is inactive though. So, keep that in mind.

And if you decide to cancel the subscription, re-activation of the subscription is $195, then $99/m. You can cancel after each re-activation if you only wish to get an update once in a while.

Can I buy JUST the plugin?

No. Our plugin is not for sale. That plugin has cost us over 8 months of development time and is used only for our integration clients.

Can you help with transferring my website?

Free data transfer from our demo server to your server is free for all full integration services. However, if you need to transfer it a second time, the cost is $100. We do NOT transfer theme integration services for free. Each transfer to or from a server is $100.

Each transfer also includes 2 hours of debugging services. That means if your website does not function on the new server for whatever reason, we will spend up to 2 hours to investigate the issue. It is normally a server function related issue. Once we pass the 2-hour mark, we begin charging $20/hr for all further work.

Why is my project cancelled?

If we do not receive a response from you in over 30 days, we have no choice but to consider the project as abandoned and it is cancelled. To re-instate your project, it is a $250 service charge. Even if you’re in the busiest season of the year, simply responding and telling us that you need more time (before the 30 days are up) is enough to let us know you are still responsive.

We’ve had many clients not respond for up to 3 months or even longer. We cannot be held responsible for your delays and we cannot keep man-power on your project when we have new clients and other obligations to attend to. Communication is key and a must for your success.

Can I get a refund?

If you can request a refund before ANY work has begun, a 100% refund will be issued to you. However, once the integration work begins, there are no refunds.

If you request a full integration and you decide to stop the project half-way, it is possible that there may be a partial refund. Determining how much of the project is complete and how much can be refunded is at our full discretion.

Once your website files are transferred to a server of your choice, there are no refunds. We cannot guarantee 100% function on another server after your website is completed on our demo server. We cannot be held responsible for lack of resources on your selected server or incompatible server settings. We will do what we can and offer up to 3 hours of troubleshooting, but we will start billing $20/hr once we’ve exhausted our alotted time.