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For many years, InkSoft store owners have been scratching their heads and wasting tons of money trying to figure out how to develop a better website that is integrated with InkSoft’s API and platform. Only a handful of companies have been successful, but had spent well into the $10,000-$15,000 range.

We saw a need for a more affordable and efficient method of integrating with InkSoft’s API, so we created our own plugin to assist with our InkSoft integration services.

Our Plug Into IS service allows any InkSoft store owner to import all of their stores, products, clip art, categories, users and custom designs into their WordPress website and merge it with WooCommerce.

After our integration service is complete, you’ll have the ability to control every aspect of your website. You can add whatever plugins you want to enhance control, design or function.

You are no longer limited to a template with minimal changes. You can use any theme you want and do as you please with your website. You can optimize every element in your pages, add a blog for improved search engine ranking and even embed and integrate with the InkSoft Design Studio.

Feel free to learn more about our integration service and look around at our demos. When you are ready, order one of our InkSoft integration services.

Disclaimer: InkSoft is aware of our program and services, but we are not affiliated with InkSoft.